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Alumni Spotlights and Events

Alumni Spotlights and Events

Feature September 23, 2021

LBJ alum uses technology to connect the nation with social care

LBJ Alumnus Erine Gray (MPAff '04) has dedicated his career to advocacy for the underserved. Erine is the founder and CEO of Aunt Bertha, a public benefit corporation that uses technology to make it easier for anyone who has a need to access social service programs available locally in their communities.

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LBJ alum Erine Grey (MPAff '04)
Feature September 20, 2021

Career updates from the Class of 2020

While the policy arena always needs smart, committed, passionate and trained specialists, the LBJ School's newest alumni have entered it facing the unique challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and social and political upheaval. Take a look at where a few of the Class of 2020 have landed.

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Seven members of the LBJ School Class of 2020
News August 11, 2021

LBJ alumnus Cesar Melgoza (MPAff '86) creates civic engagement platform

MOXY is a new civic engagement platform created by LBJ school alumnus Cesar Melgoza (MPAff '86). It's a nonpartisan social ecosystem designed to empower the average citizen to become better informed and civically engaged.

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Alumnus Cesar Melgoza (MPAff '86)
Media Mention July 14, 2021

Senate committee approves EPA, Commerce nominees

LBJ alumna Alejandra Castillo's nomination for assistant secretary for economic development at the Department of Commerce was approved, moving closer to a full Senate confirmation. Castillo, a '98 graduate, received the LBJ School's highest alumni honor in 2020. 

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Media Mention July 13, 2021

Texas Democrats' DC escape plan has limited staying power

Sherri Greenberg spoke with Bloomberg News about Texas Democrats who left the state to stop voting on the election bill. LBJ appears in this story twice: Two paragraphs after Professor Greenberg, alumnus and Texas State Representative Gene Wu is also quoted.

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Feature May 28, 2021

Mental health and mindfulness: Community resources and services

Throughout the month of May, the LBJ School has promoted a dialogue focused on mental health, mindfulness and self-care. As we close out the month we want to keep the conversation going, from finding resources to creating and maintaining healthy habits to building both networks and boundaries — essential approaches to helping ourselves and one another thrive.

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Rocks stacked and balanced. Credit: Johnson Wang, Unsplash
Feature May 21, 2021

The Graduating Class of 2021: Jaime Cabrera (MGPS)

"I think there is a knowledge gap in tech policy between policymakers and the tech industry that can only be addressed by specializing in the intersection of the two. I was inspired to pursue this focus after realizing how far behind policy and regulation is from the rapid technological advances of the industry."

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Jaime Cabrera (MGPS '21)
Feature May 21, 2021

The Graduating Class of 2021: Jiameng Zheng (Ph.D. in Public Policy)

"We have a supportive environment in the Ph.D. group. Besides the formal events for Ph.D.s, we also organize informal nuts-and-bolts [gatherings] for professional development, practice defense and practice job talks among Ph.D. students. Because research can be solidary, peer support is essential to surviving graduate school for me."

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Jiameng Zheng (Ph.D. '21)
Feature May 21, 2021

The Graduating Class of 2021: Micaela McConnell (MPAff / Social Work)

"I found a love for the Texas government that I did not realize I had, and a passion to challenge Texas to be the best state for every single Texan."

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Micaela McConnell (MPAff / Social Work '21)
Feature May 20, 2021

The Graduating Class of 2021: Gabe Cortez (MGPS)

"I felt even more confident going forward that being in graduate school was not just for the diploma, but for the knowledge and skills I developed along the way."

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Gabriel Cortez (MGPS '21) with the UT Tower in the background