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LBJ School faculty member Pat Wong writes on the wall for students
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Cutting-edge research faculty members and leading policy practitioners enliven our classrooms and teach critical skills essential to students’ future careers.

Faculty Research

Abigail Aiken receives award

Abigail Aiken, an Expert in Evidence-Based Reproductive Care, Wins the 22nd David N. Kershaw Award and Prize

The University of Texas at Austin professor Abigail Aiken has been selected to receive the 
Patrick Bixler

UT researchers are working with City staff and community groups to build an Austin-wide climate atlas

Providing solutions for Austin communities that might be at the highest risk for climate-related hazards will be the focus of a new NASA-funded study at The University of Texas at Austin.

LBJ's Olmstead on a team awarded a $2.8M grant to study HIV testing intervention

LBJ's Olmstead on a team awarded a $2.8M grant to study HIV testing intervention

LBJ Professors Answer: Why LBJ? Why Now?

LBJ Professor in class

Sought-after experts with open doors

Some of the most distinguished scholars and practitioners in their fields, our faculty members inspire students with new and imaginative approaches to policy analysis and engagement—both in and out of the classroom. They are readily accessible to students and research collaborators.

LBJ Professor in class

Cutting-edge research that changes lives

Our faculty members bring the latest research and analysis methods and substantive policy findings directly into the classroom. Students benefit from this hands-on expertise while also playing a central role in conducting research and co-authoring publications.