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DC Concentration (MPAff/MGPS)

Offered through the LBJ Washington Center, the DC Concentration provides master’s students the extraordinary opportunity of working in the nation’s capital and earning a public policy graduate degree simultaneously.

It operates as an integrated track within each of the LBJ School’s traditional MPAff and MGPS degree programs. Following a year of intensive policy coursework in Austin, students (LBJ DC Fellows) continue their studies in Washington, DC, and embark on a six-month Policy Apprenticeship with a public, private, nonprofit or nongovernmental organization, jump-starting their Washington-based careers. View DC Concentration course descriptions or a sample program of study.

Designed to train future leaders for careers in the domestic or international policy arenas in Washington, DC, the program aims to transition LBJ DC Fellows in the DC policy workforce a full semester earlier than traditional public policy programs. Unlike their counterparts at other national public policy schools, LBJ DC Fellows graduate in December of their second year of studies, rather than the following May.

Estimated DC Program Tuition and Fees

Texas Resident
Fall and Spring Semesters (Austin/25 hours): see UT Graduate School tuition
Summer Semester (DC/10 hours): $13,131
Fall Semester (DC/10 hours): $14,007

Fall and Spring Semesters (Austin/25 hours): see UT Graduate School tuition
Summer Semester (DC/10 hours): $17,021
Fall Semester (DC/10 hours): $18,675

Core Program Course of Study

LBJ DC Fellows spend their first two semesters in Austin following a slightly customized version of the traditional first-year MPAff or MGPS curriculum. Students then relocate to Washington, DC, in June to pursue their policy apprenticeships for 32 hours per week during the summer and fall semesters of their second year. Simultaneous with their policy apprenticeships, students will take core academic courses at the LBJ Washington Center, focusing on the essentials of policymaking at the federal level. The DC Concentration prepares graduates to work in the complex federal policy environment, including how to: contribute from day one to organization-critical projects; translate research and ideas into effective policy; formulate and communicate policy positions in high-pressure, media-driven environments; and develop effective strategies and skills to engage with public policy professionals at the highest levels of federal policymaking. Professional networking, policy, social and other events provide the students with opportunities to meet with senior federal policymakers in diverse settings, and a formal LBJ School Senior DC Alumni Mentorship Program pairs the students with experienced alumni and other professionals already working in public policy careers in Washington. Upon successful completion of their DC academic and policy apprenticeship commitments, the LBJ DC Fellows graduate in December of their second year.

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