Bachelor of Public Affairs

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A degree designed to help you do good in the world.

The Bachelor of Public Affairs prepares graduates with skills in leadership, policy analysis and organizational management for a career in public service at every level, from city hall to Capitol Hill.

Public Affairs focuses on solving 

real-life public challenges.

Through the Bachelor of Public Affairs program, students can blend their passion for public service with their desire to gain in-demand skills for today’s job market. This major emphasizes a rigorous curriculum to build versatile skills in policy analysis, data analytics, and organization leadership and management. Graduates are ready for impactful roles in any organization, from government agencies and nonprofits to the private sector. They are prepared to embark on careers dedicated to effecting positive societal change across health policy, our environment, national security, foreign affairs and more. 

You might like a career in Public Affairs if you enjoy:

  • Problem-solving for your community 
  • Working toward a common goal
  • Leading people and organizations
  • Analyzing complex issues and data to inform decision-making
Centre College student Wuthikah Pun attended the LBJ school as part of the PPIA fellowship program.

"LBJ ignited my passion for public service and international development." 

- Wuthikah Pun, LBJ Public Service Weekend Participant

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The Standard in Excellence

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UT Austin named "New Ivy League" on Forbes list (2024)

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UT Austin #9 among national public universities (USNWR)

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Nationally ranked among public affairs schools (USNWR)

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#1 public affairs school in Texas and the Southwest (USNWR)

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Skills and Courses

Learn to Lead, Forge Your Future

Discover how our curriculum equips students with the essential qualitative and quantitative skills they need to embark on successful careers. Our multidisciplinary coursework integrates principles from policy analysisdata analyticscommunication and organizational leadership and management, providing students with highly sought-after skills essential for today’s job market. 

With a focus on career readiness and real-world impact, students are prepared to be effective leaders. 

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Student Success at LBJ

Lead Boldly: Your Journey Starts Here

Explore the vibrant and collaborative student community at the LBJ School. Our environment is designed to foster connections and support your academic journey through First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) to help build a sense of community; personalized 1:1 and group advising sessions to ensure students receive comprehensive guidance on their academic path; and career-building workshops to prepare you to hit the ground running. In addition, students have several chances to engage global thought leaders, attend networking opportunities and affinity-based engagements, and access robust onboarding experiences and mentorship programs to learn more about opportunities at the LBJ School and across the Forty Acres.

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Explore Careers

The LBJ Bachelor of Public Affairs degree is designed to prepare you for an impactful career in public affairs and beyond.

LBJ graduates have the skills to be competitive in today’s job market. Our emphasis on hands-on learning and policy simulations coupled with a public Ivy classroom education gives students an edge in the public sector while giving them the foundation for a career anywhere. 

With a Public Affairs degree, you might work in healthcare, education, national security, energy and environmental policy, international affairs, housing and more.

Career Outcomes

Employer Examples

  • Federal agencies
  • US Congress
  • Texas Legislature
  • State Agencies
  • Academia
  • City and State Government
  • Nonprofits
  • Think Tanks
  • Corporate Social Impact

Career Examples

  • Government Relations Specialist
  • Budget Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Political Research Analyst
  • Sustainability & Energy Analyst
  • Legislative Affairs Analyst
  • Public Affairs Representative
  • Policy Assistant
  • Civil Rights Paralegal
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