Career Exploration

An LBJ student networks at a local policy event

Career Exploration

What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Public Affairs?

Public Affairs professionals play crucial roles in various sectors, working at all levels of government and within organizations that provide essential services to the public. 

Industry Sectors

With a Bachelor of Public Affairs, you can become a leader in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Government Agencies
    • Local Government: Engage in community planning, public safety and local economic development.
    • State Government: Address statewide issues such as education policy, environmental regulation and healthcare services.
    • Federal Government: Contribute to national initiatives in areas like public health, national security and emergency management.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Advocate for human rights, environmental protection and social justice on a global scale.
  • Nonprofit Agencies: Work to improve community welfare through services in education, health, housing and more.
  • Educational Organizations: Influence educational policies, administration and program development.
  • Think Tanks: Conduct research and analysis to shape public policy and inform government decisions.
  • Social Impact in Business and Government Relations: Drive corporate social responsibility initiatives and manage relations between businesses and government entities.
LBJ students intern at the Texas Legislature while holding the hookem hand sign

Policy Areas

With a degree in Public Affairs, you could pursue careers in diverse fields, such as:

  • Healthcare Policy: Address public health challenges and promote community health initiatives.
  • Education: Decide the role the government should play in equitable access to quality learning
  • Energy and Environment: Develop and implement policies to protect natural resources and combat climate change.
  • Social Policy: Determine how the government meets the needs of its most vulnerable citizens
  • National Security: Protect national interests through policy and strategic planning.
  • International Affairs: Maintain global peace and security 
  • Housing: Address housing issues, from affordability to urban planning.

Explore the vast opportunities available with a Bachelor of Public Affairs and become a leader in making a positive impact on society.

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Career Examples

Sourced from Indeed, LinkedIn, USAJOBS and other career websites.

Government Relations Specialist I

Office of the Attorney General
$58,184 – $94,913

Budget Analyst

United States Army Installation Management Command
$55,383 - $106,549

Management Analyst

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
$39,576 - $85,783

Political Research Analyst

Americans for Prosperity
$56,000 - $85,000

Sustainability Analyst

Longevity Partners

Public Affairs Representative I/II

San Diego County Water Authority
$84,160 - $113,187

Legislative Affairs Analyst

Southern California Association of Governments
$76,795 - $103,673

Civil Rights Paralegal

Relman Colfax PLLC
$50,000 – $60,000

A student sits in the LBJ School study lounge with another student.