Alumni Reunion Toolkit

Are you planning your LBJ School class reunion but don't know where to begin? The Alumni Reunion Toolkit was developed by LBJ staff and alumni volunteers and includes information, sample documents, and other resources to help you make the most of your reunion weekend.

Getting Started

Start early and begin with a planning timeline and forming a planning committee. If your reunion is very small or you're working with a short timeframe, use The Simple Version

Forming a Planning Committee

The first step in planning your reunion invovles evaluating if there is enough interest in having a reunion. To know if you have the prerequisites for a successful reunion, you should know if you will be able to form a committee. This is not absolutely necessary, but if you are planning a reunion entirely alone, you will need a lot of free time. Make a few phone calls or email former classmates to recruit potential committee members.

You may already have a handful of classmates ready to organize your reunion, but if you don't, the alumni relations coordinator can help by reaching out on your behalf to classmates who have indicated they would like to be involved. 

Committee members should:

  • Attend the reunion and participate in all committee meetings
  • Be responsive to emails, phone calls and/or texts
  • Contact classmates to encourage attendance at your reunion
  • Actively help plan events and activities

If you can get a committee together and you are commemorating a milestone reunion, your chances are pretty good for generating a lot of interest in a reunion.

    Finding Your Classmates

    Connecting with classmates can be challenging because UT Austin and LBJ School alumni data is protected information, but the alumni relations coordinator can help you collect names and email addresses by emailing your classmates on your behalf. The following message and Google form link will go out to classmates, and class reunion leaders will be given access to the class-specific Google form and list of responses so they can begin putting together a roster. 


    LBJ Class of [Year] Reunion Interest Form Email


    Depending on the culture of your class, using social media, such as creating a Facebook group or event page, may also be an effective tool. 

    If you still have 'lost' classmates, send an email to everyone on your roster and include a list of names for those you're still seeking. Your classmates may be able to help you locate them.

    Reunion Planning Schedule

    Your planning timeline will depend on the size of your class, which milestone reunion this is, and how soon you form a committee. The following proposed schedule assumes a full year of planning. 

    Phase I

    • Form your committee(s)
    • Develop class roster with contact info; look for 'lost' classmates
    • Begin outreach to classmates to look for volunteers and start fundraising

    Phase II

    Phase III

    • Finalize reunion activities
    • Send formal RSVP communication and registration forms

    Phase IV

    • Finalize any catering orders
    • Send event reminder communication
    • Enjoy your reunion!


    Reunion Planning Checklist

    Class Reunion Planning 101

    This reunion planning checklist was developed to assist alumni when they are organizing a reunion weekend. Not all items on the checklist will be relevant to every reunion.

    Sample Itineraries

    Class of 1982 35th Reunion Itinerary

    Class of 1983 30th Reunion Packet (Invitation, Itinerary, Registration Form)

    Class of 2007 10th Reunion Itinerary

    Sample Communication

    Class of 1982 35th Reunion Email

    Sample Design and Print Materials

    Class of 1976 40th Reunion Save the Date

    Class of 1982 35th Reunion Program

    Electronic Event Planning Resources

    Alumnifire is the LBJ School's alumni and student networking platform. Use the system's Bulletin Board feature to create an event for your class reunion or post a class note for your classmates.

    myRollCall is an event-organizing platform that acts as the promoter, ticket agent, custodial banker and fundraising bookkeeper for volunteer-driven communities like alumni groups.

    Eventbrite is a global ticketing and event technology platform that allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events. Attendees can also find and purchase tickets on the platform.

    Doodle is an internet calendar tool for time management and coordinating meetings.

    The Simple Version

    We have a lot of resources to help you plan a full schedule loaded with activities, but there are reasons to consider a much simpler reunion for your class:

    • Your class is relatively small
    • Your reunion date snuck up on you and there's not much time to plan
    • The culture of your class leans toward "less is more"

    Here is what one class decided to do a few months before their reunion date:
    The Simple Version — Class of 1994 20th Reunion