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Alumni Reunion Toolkit

Alumni Reunion Toolkit

Developed by staff and volunteer alumni, these pages include information, sample documents, potential activities and other resources from other class reunions to help each class year make the most of their reunion event.

Getting Started

Begin with a planning timeline and forming committees. Or, if your reunion is very small or you're working with a short timeframe, use the Simple Version

Finding Your Classmates

One of the challenges with finding contact information is that UT and LBJ School alumni data is protected information. You can work with Alumni Affairs to send an email or letter to your classmates on behalf of reunion organizers. Replies can be sent directly to you so you can begin putting together a roster. Turnaround on distributing communications may take up to a couple of weeks, so bear that in mind when you begin planning. 

"Updating the class roster was very time consuming—the committee divided up MIAs. LinkedIn was helpful, but lots of cold calls were made, too." —Class of 1983 Reunion Volunteer

Depending on the culture of your class, using social media, such as creating a Facebook group for your class, may be an effective tool. Alumni Affairs can help set one up using best social media practices.

If you still have 'lost' classmates, send an email to everyone on your roster and include a list of names for those you're still seeking. Your classmates may be able to help you locate them.

Forming a Committee

You may already have a handful of classmates ready to organize your reunion, but if you don't, your staff alumni coordinator can help by reaching out on your behalf to classmates who have indicated they would like to be involved. 

Committee members should:

  • Attend the reunion and participate in all committee meetings
  • Be responsive to emails, phone calls and/or texts
  • Contact classmates to encourage attendance at your reunion
  • Actively help plan events and activities

Reunion Planning Schedule

Your planning timeline will depend on the size of your class, which reunion this is, and how soon you form a committee. The following proposed schedule assumes a full year of planning. 

Phase I

  • Form your committee(s)
  • Develop class roster with contact info; look for 'missing' classmates
  • Begin outreach to classmates to look for volunteers and start fundraising

Phase II

  • Choose a date and send "save the date" communication
  • Start planning reunion activities

Phase III

  • Finalize reunion activities
  • Send formal RSVP communication and registration forms

Phase IV

  • Finalize any catering orders
  • Enjoy your reunion!

The Simple Version

We have a lot of resources to help you plan a full schedule loaded with activities, but there are reasons to consider a much simpler reunion for your class:

  • Your class is relatively small
  • Your reunion date snuck up on you and there's not much time to plan
  • The culture of your class leans toward "less is more"

Here is what one class decided to do a couple of months before their reunion date:

LBJ Class of 94’ers,

Believe it or not, this May will mark 20 years since we graduated from the LBJ School. Once you’re over the shock, we know what you’ll be thinking: I would LOVE to get together with my classmates and find out what everyone’s been up to!

To that end, a few of us are planning a reunion over Memorial Weekend (May 23-26), and we hope you’ll join us.

The details are still in the works and will depend on how many RSVPs we get, but the general outline of the weekend includes:

  • Friday (5/23)—Happy hour at Scholz Garden
  • Saturday (5/24)—Daytime tour of the LBJ School (unlike you and me, the school looks WAY different than it did back then)
  • Dinner at TBD
  • Sunday (5/25)—Daytime free to meet up with long-lost friends and explore Austin
  • Evening happy hour or dinner, based on interest

All events will be pay-as-you-go.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  • If you can join us, RSVP (include # of people you’re bringing and which events you’ll attend) by Tuesday, April 29 to [NAME and EMAIL]
  • If you’re on the fence, or have questions or ideas, contact [NAME and EMAIL]
  • Have photos from then and now that you’d like to share with our class at the Saturday night dinner? We’re putting a slide show together … email your photos to [EMAIL]
  • In contact with people from our class who might not have received this message? Forward it to them!!

Our days at the LBJ School were fun and formative – we hope you’ll be able to join us for some reminiscing!