Kuperman, Alan J. | The University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D. in Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.A. in International Relations and International Economics, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
  • A.B. in Physical Sciences, Harvard University
Research Areas
  • Ethnic Conflict
  • Military Intervention
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation
Teaching Areas
  • Policy Process and Institutions
  • International Affairs and Diplomacy

Alan J. Kuperman teaches in the Master of Global Policy Studies program and is founding coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project. His research focuses on ethnic conflict, military intervention and nuclear nonproliferation. His latest books are Plutonium for Energy? and Constitutions and Conflict Management in Africa, and his recent articles include "Obama's Libya Debacle" and "Muscular Mediation and Ripeness Theory." In 2013, he was a senior fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, and in 2009 he was a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, both in Washington, DC. From 2002 to 2005, Dr. Kuperman was resident assistant professor and coordinator of the international relations program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Bologna, Italy. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Kuperman worked as legislative director for U.S. Rep. Charles Schumer (D-NY), as a legislative assistant for U.S. Speaker of the House Thomas Foley (D-WA), as chief of staff for U.S. Rep. James Scheuer (D-NY), as a senior policy analyst for the nongovernmental Nuclear Control Institute, and as a fellow at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Courses Taught
Media Expertise
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • U.S. Military Intervention
  • Ethnic Relations
  • Humanitarian Intervention
  • U.S. Foreign Policy


Media MentionApril 12, 2022
Why not all war crimes can be called genocide
While the U.S. government and its allies have acknowledged Russia is committing war crimes in its assault on Ukraine, genocide could be a much more difficult accusation to prove, says Alan K. Kuperman, associate professor of public affairs at UT-Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs. Kuperman specializes in ethnic conflict and military intervention.
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Media MentionMarch 13, 2022
The Ukraine conflict is a war 'we cannot win militarily' against Russia, says professor

Alan Kuperman of The University of Texas says this is because Russian President Vladimir Putin would be willing to exercise his "escalatory trump card" of nuclear weapons, while the West would not.

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Media MentionOctober 9, 2020
What is behind the intensified U.S. efforts to resolve the conflict in Libya? Will it succeed? (published in Arabic)

Will America change the rules of the game between the warring parties in Libya? How long can the cease-fire continue between the contestants for the Libyan authority? What are the mechanisms to monitor this? Will external parties be required not to extend the conflict with more weapons? Will oil be an obstacle to negotiations for the new government? Professor Alan Kuperman shares his perspective on these questions. 

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