Fall 2017 - 60740 - PA 682GA – Policy Research Project on Global Policy Issues

Plutonium for Energy? Environmental, Economic, and Security Issues

This PRP will produce cross-national case studies of past efforts to recycle plutonium (a highly toxic, nuclear weapons-usable material) as fuel in nuclear power reactors – focusing on economic, environmental, and security concerns.  The methodology is expected to include field research in Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United States.  A primary aim is to inform ongoing decision-making in East Asia about whether to recycle plutonium for energy.

Requirements and Expectations

Requirements: class attendance, reading, mid-term exam, research design, long research paper,revisions to research paper, contributions to course website. Many students will conduct field research;a few will participate in briefings. 


No text required. Weekly reading averages 100 pages during weeks with reading.