From Austin to Atlanta: LBJ School at APPAM Research Conference

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November 6, 2023
LBJ faculty featured at APPAM

The 2023 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Fall Research Conference will see the LBJ School at UT Austin shine on the national stage. With 15 separate APPAM sessions featuring 12 distinguished scholars from LBJ, including 5 faculty members and 7 students, policy leaders from Austin, Texas, are poised to make a significant impact in Atlanta, Georgia, from November 9-11.

Conference sessions range from addressing income inequality and the economic value of cap-and-trade policies to exploring the role of social capital in disaster preparedness. 

Discover the LBJ School at APPAM:


Faculty Leaders 

See APPAM's Spotlight on the LBJ School 

Student Scholars

The LBJ School is a proud supporter of the 2023 APPAM Fall Research Conference. 

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