Spring 2021 - 60870 - PA 397C - Advanced Empirical Methods for Policy Analysis

Data Management and Research Life Cycle-WB


This class equips thoughtful thinkers with powerful data science skills. You will learn how to manage and work with complex and big datasets in social science research, particularly in policy and nonprofit studies. You are expected to learn the following skills and respond to “big questions” that have social importance: 1) Understand the structure of data and how to work with big and complex datasets; 2) Understand the workflows of acquiring and managing data; 3) Confident to conduct data-intensive and replicable social science research. No programming prerequisite and you will have a chance to develop your programming skills. We will be using Python as the main programming language but you are free to use any other languages as long as you can complete the assignments. A detailed schedule of previous sessions is available at https://ma-ji.github.io/data_mgmt/course_schedule/ 

Instruction Mode