Spring 2021 - 60605 - PA 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Advanced Documentary Production Storytelling for Policy Wonks

The ability to communicate policy aims is crucial to achieving policy aims, through legislation, executive action, and successful electoral campaigns.  Increasingly, this kind of communication is done through online videos designed to reach a significant audience.  This seminar will be a workshop class for researching and producing video material that advocates for policy. 

Students will work closely with a local non-profit think tank in researching personal stories that work as metaphors for policy goals.  They will then work with the video personnel there to produce visual material that is usable online and for presentations.

Student performance will be evaluated in terms of class participation, their collaborative work in researching and producing material, and in a written journal detailing their work during the semester.

This course is cross-listed with RTF. LBJ is the home department.

Instruction Mode