Spring 2020 - 58400 - PA 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Gender and Development
This seminar seeks to highlight some of the key debates on gender and development. In the first portion of the semester, this course will provide a brief overview of the history of gender in development and key concepts. The second portion semester will focus on contemporary issues, such as intra-household decision-making, land rights, family planning, social protection, microcredit, and factory labor. The third portion will critically examine policy-based approaches to gender and development, including concepts such as mainstreaming gender; gender sensitive programming; gender-neutral policies; and various measures of empowerment.  The course will focus on building critical writing, analytical and presentation skills as well as developing a broad understanding of the key issues and challenges at the intersection of gender and development today. Student progress will be evaluated on the basis of performance along four criteria: (1) class participation, (2) leading two class discussion or debate with another classmate, (3) completing three short writing assignments, and (4) a 15-page final research paper or research proposal on a topic of the student’s choice.Interested students will have the opportunity to work on quantitative data for a final project. Readings will include 4-6 journal articles or book chapters each week.