Spring 2016 - 60250 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Documentary Production

Making good policy isn't the same as winning over a public audience and getting policy passed.  How do you tell a story visually that can impact public opinion and elected officials.  This course takes a practical approach to these questions, through hands-on work in documentary production, in addition to critical investigations of a variety of contemporary non-fiction forms. Much of the semester revolves around producing a documentary (either individually or in a small group) and completing workshop projects, thus offering experience in project development and conceptualization, camerawork, sound recording, lighting and editing.  Project groups may also pair LBJ students with advanced RTF production students, so that production duties can be shared.

This course meets with RTF 343 #08555 which is the originating department.

Both the lecture and the lab meet on Wednesdays but in different rooms (there is an hour break):

    Class hours: Wednesday, 2-5 pm  in CMB 4.122
    Lab hours: Wednesday, 6-9 pm in CMB 4.122