Spring 2014 - 63510 - PA388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Inequality and Development
Inequality is an economic, sociological, legal, political, moral, mathematical and statistical fact. This class will explore the problem of economic inequality:  in classical economics, in the theory of economic development, and in the practical experience of the modern world.  The class will devote time to understanding how inequality is measured and what the evidence shows, for countries and regions around the world.  We shall also explore the political and moral dimensions, the question of inequalities by race and gender, and the relationship between inequality and instability in economic growth. This is a seminar.  Each student will be expected to prepare and to write a research paper and to present their work in class. While this is primarily a class on inequality and economic development, students interested in working on the United States may consider topics that relate the US experience to the wider world, such as relations between rich and poor countries, the effect of trade, the effect of immigration on wages, and so forth.