Petition for Late Registration Form

Petitions for late registration are due between the 5th and 12th class day of long semesters, and the 3rd and 4th class days in summer sessions. After those dates, a petition letter from your LBJ Graduate Adviser is also required.

Instructions to Petition for Late Registration

  1. Fill out the Petition for Late Registration form including the grade status

  2. Obtain signature of each instructor

  3. Leave form and any necessary documentation with your graduate program coordinator in the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs.

  4. If you are registering after the due dates, attach a memo to the form explaining to the adviser a compelling reason and/or extenuating circumstances that justify your request to register late. If justified, a petition letter will be justified to accompany your form.

  5. Approved form and any required petition from the Graduate Adviser petition will be placed in your box.

  6. Hand carry to OGS for necessary approvals.

  7. Hand carry to Registrar’s office for processing.

  8. Take the form to Student Accounting to obtain a printed fee bill. You will also be charged a late registration fee.

  9. Your bill must be paid the same day it is generated. Take the fee bill to the Cashier’s office or use TEX. Do not use any Tower drop-box for payment.

  10. If you have a zero fee bill, you must use TEX or ROSE to confirm your registration or you will be dropped even though payment has been made.