MGPS Program and Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses — 22 hours

  • PA 383G / Policy Making in a Global Age
  • PA 387G / Nature of the International System
  • PA 393G / Microeconomics
  • PA 397G / Analytical Methods for GPS
  • PA 393H / International Economics
  • PA 682A & 682B / MGPS Policy Research Project
  • PA 195G / Crisis Management (one credit)

Specialization/Field Requirements — 15 hours*

Individual courses to be assigned/approved by the graduate adviser.

*MGPS dual degree students with Business or Law are only required to complete 12 hours of specialization courses.

Electives — 9 hours*

Either LBJ School courses or graduate-level courses at other UT departments which have substantial relevance to global policy studies. Elective courses must be approved by the graduate adviser.

*MGPS dual degree students are not required to complete the 9 hours of electives.

Writing Requirement — 3 hours

EITHER PA 388K, Writing and Communication for Global Policy Studies.

OR PA 398R, Master Professional Report (PR). Students who choose to write a PR will register for it in their last semester of study. (In case they are dual-degree students, they may be required to write a thesis in the other department, instead.) Those interested in writing a PR should meet with the graduate adviser no later than August of their last year to start preparing.

NOTE: The Writing and Communication for Global Policy Studies course teaches skills that are very different from those acquired while writing a thesis or a PR. Therefore, even students who choose to do a PR or Thesis are encouraged to take the Writing course. In these cases, the Writing course can count toward the student's 15 specialization course credits.

Noncourse Requirements

Internship in Global Policy
  • All students are required to complete a 400-hour internship at a global policy-relevant organization of their own choosing. Students usually complete an internship in the summer between their first and second year in the MGPS program. Dual degree students may complete their internships at a later date, but should consult with the graduate adviser first.
  • The internship requirement does not require registration for course credit.
  • Some students may wish to perform additional academic work related to their internship by registering for the internship course (PA 396G). This independent study course requires a supervising MGPS faculty member — your graduate adviser can provide details.
Foreign Language Proficiency

All students must prove proficiency in a foreign language in one of two ways: either through proof of four semesters' worth of consecutive language study in an institution of higher education or by passing a placement test at one of UT's foreign language departments. This is a requirement to graduate, not to apply to the LBJ School. International students whose native language is not English are exempt from this requirement.


Total hours required for the regular MGPS degree: 49
Download MGPS Program of Study Worksheet (PDF)

Download MGPS Program of Study Worksheet—Dual Degrees (PDF)