Management Development Program

The Management Development Program is designed for managers at all organizational levels who want to develop and/or enhance their understanding and practice of fundamental management principles in the context of today's challenging environment.  

During this three-day course, participants discuss fundamental issues facing managers in today's complex organizations. The program is highly interactive and participant-centered. Graduates of the program return to their workplace with a written action plan to transform their learning into increased managerial effectiveness in the workplace.

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Who Should Attend

Managers or supervisors interested in developing basic knowledge, skill and abilities needed in Texas state agencies.


Beginning in January 2024, we will be offering training in person or virtually.  Online training will be held in Austin and the program will be capped at 35 people. In person training will be capped at 50 people 


Tuition for virtual courses will be $900 and materials will be provided electronically.  Tuition for in person courses will be $1,250.  Materials, breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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To learn more about upcoming MDP training courses, contact us at 512-475-8100 or



Management and Leadership Excellence

Examines basic principles and practices of management as they apply to today's workforce and explores management behaviors that contribute to personal and interpersonal effectiveness.



Personal Preferences and Leadership

Provides participants an opportunity to discover personal preferences, relate them to their management styles, and maximize their advantages in the workplace.



Can We Talk? Communication in the Workplace

Explores the art of effective communication in a diverse and ever-changing workplace. Describes verbal language that promotes positive, supportive, and inclusive communication.



Working Together Effectively

Identifies the fundamentals of team development and characteristics of effective team leaders. It also explores the sources and consequences of conflict and identifies methods to approach it constructively.



Managing Performance

Introduces coaching as a management tool and identifies strategies managers can use to improve employee performance evaluation and tips on delivering information to stakeholders.



Managing Personal and Organizational Change

Describes the human reaction to change and the impact of response to change. This session provides a toolbox for managing change and strategies for increasing resilience.  

Upcoming Courses in Management Development

Management Development Program     Online     Oct 10, 2023 to Oct 12, 2023     Register >

Management Development Program     Online     Nov 14, 2023 to Nov 16, 2023     Register >

Management Development Program - Austin     In person     Jan 16, 2024 to Jan 18, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program     Online     Feb 20, 2024 to Feb 22, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program - Austin     In person     Apr 16, 2024 to Apr 18, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program     Online     May 14, 2024 to May 16, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program - Austin     In person     Jun 11, 2024 to Jun 13, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program     Online     Jul 16, 2024 to Jul 18, 2024     Register >

Management Development Program - Austin     In person     Aug 13, 2024 to Aug 15, 2024     Register >