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Martin J. Luby held academic positions at University of Illinois, DePaul University and Ohio State University before joining The University of Texas at Austin faculty as an associate professor of public affairs. His teaching and research broadly focuses on public finance with an emphasis in public financial management. Much of Dr. Luby's research has focused on the municipal securities market and the use of debt finance by state and local governments. He has published on innovative government financial instruments, federal financing techniques, regulation of the municipal securities market and the role of financial intermediaries in state and local government financings. Dr. Luby has extensive banking, consultant and advisory experience with many state and local governments as well as the federal government.


FeatureJuly 1, 2022
“I’m thriving,” says LBJ DC student Da’Shon Carr

Carr isn’t new to Washington, but she’s having a new experience in the city she once called home thanks to a supportive network and courses that offer immediate real-world application 


“Coming back to DC this time around six years later, I feel like a completely different person,” said Da’Shon Carr, a public affairs graduate student in the DC Concentration. “I’m thriving here. I love it here.”

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FeatureDecember 8, 2020
The Case for Revenue Sharing: Fiscal Equalization and the COVID-19 Recession
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NewsDecember 8, 2020
LBJ School policy leaders craft solutions for a resilient future

Twenty-nine LBJ School authors have come together to craft interdisciplinary and resilience-based policy solutions, published in one toolkit called Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19. This toolkit comes as researchers from across The University of Texas at Austin continue to offer first-of-its-kind groundbreaking research and discovery in the fight against COVID and its long-lasting impacts on public health, business and the future of governance.

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