Law Course Approval Form for Non-Law Graduate Students

To be approved for a Law course, the approved course approval form must be on file in the Law Student Affairs Office prior to registration in a law school course.

Non-Law Graduate Students

  • Non-law graduate students may request approval to take a course after early registration is completed in the School of Law.

  • A non-degree seeking student who wishes to enroll in a law school course must meet all prerequisites for the course and must receive written approval from the course instructor and the assistant dean for student affairs. Either the instructor, the assistant dean for student affairs, the associate dean for academic affairs, or the dean may refuse any request to enroll in a law school course. Non-degree seeking students may enroll in law school courses only when space is available. No more than one non-degree seeking student is allowed in any course. Non-degree seeking students are limited to enrolling in no more than two law school courses.

  • A first-year law course may be taken by a non-law graduate or a non-degree seeking student with the approval of the associate dean.

  • The grade from a law course will not be available until several weeks after the semester's end. A non-law graduate student should not register for a law course if the grade is needed for graduation the same semester.

  • Law school grades are often C's and D's, even though a student may have worked hard and, under law school standards, been successful. Graduate students should have a clear understanding with their own schools on how the grade will be recorded. The Law School does not offer a pass-fail option; however, non-law graduate students may request special permission to take a law school course on a pass-fail basis by obtaining approval from their dean or adviser.