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Graduate Portfolio Programs

Graduate School Portfolio Programs

The University of Texas Office of Graduate Studies oversees more than two dozen graduate portfolio programs that provide opportunities for development in a cross-disciplinary area of inquiry while completing the requirements for a master’s degree or doctorate in a particular discipline. Completion of a portfolio program is certified on final transcripts, providing future employers with an indication of the student’s credentials in the field.

A portfolio program usually consists of four thematically related graduate courses and a research presentation. Portfolio programs with which LBJ School faculty members are most closely associated are listed below. You can view more information on UT’s portfolio programs through the Graduate School’s website.

Applied Statistical Modeling

For those seeking to enhance the statistical modeling component of their research, this program brings together graduate students from across UT to work and exchange ideas regarding the application of statistical modeling to a broad range of areas.

Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship

This program provides students with cross-disciplinary theoretical and practical training related to the management and governance of arts and cultural organizations, and/or the business dimensions of an entrepreneurial artistic career. Read more >> 

Communication, Information and Cultural Policy

Students in this program focus on the theory, history and comparative aspects of public policy, supporting preparation for careers in academic research or practical careers in policymaking arenas. This multidisciplinary project finds students drawing on public policy, economics, communications, art, community planning and information science.

Energy Studies

To equip students to deal with energy issues from an overall policy perspective, this program gives students a broad picture of the energy sector, taking advantage of UT’s strength in energy-related topics to create a genuinely interdisciplinary program. Students can design their own program to meet coursework requirements by choosing from the wide range of energy-related university courses.

Integrated Watershed Studies

The Integrated Watershed Studies Portfolio Program provides students with the opportunity to supplement their degree program with an interdisciplinary study of water policy.

Nonprofit Studies

Students can develop cross-disciplinary expertise in areas including nonprofit strategy and management, leadership, philanthropy, fundraising, financial management, community and volunteer engagement and social innovation. The goal is to connect research to the world of practice and join a network of colleagues with a passion for the important work of the nonprofit sector. Students will be prepared to lead effectively at any level of nonprofit, public-serving or socially innovative organization.

Security Studies

For students who want to tackle key security challenges in academia or public service, this program provides a deeper understanding of the interrelatedness of history and policy in the fields of national and international security. Students work to develop an interdisciplinary expertise in security studies from a variety of interrelated fields.


This program provides a transdisciplinary framework to study and research issues related to economic development, environmental protection and social equity.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Building on the rich and broad-based expertise of UT’s interdisciplinary Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, this program fosters cross-disciplinary dialogue, research and study. The program offers a wide variety of specializations.