Fall 2022 - 60715 - PA 682GA - Policy Research Project on Global Policy Issues


This Policy Research Project (PRP) supports the research agenda of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES). IPES members include leading thinkers in agronomy, economics, politics, law, international relations, gender studies, Indigenous movements, biology and climate science. Recent work from the panel include work on global protein consumption, trade policy in the European Union, Covid 19, the war in Ukraine, agroecology and philanthropic agricultural research spending. Over the past three years, students have been directly responsible for authoring reports for, and engaging with, a range of cities, states and national governments to encourage them to sign and support the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration. The Declaration is statement of intent signed by a collaborative community of policy-makers from different levels of government. Students have in the past recruited cities and national governments to join this community, and have facilitated information exchanged at one of the most vibrant COP26 events in 2021 in Glasgow. In preparation for COP27 in Egypt, students are preparing briefs on agroecology for civil servants in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The work in the 2022-23 PRP will continue to meet the needs of IPES’ various projects. On deck will be research for a project on land reform and common property regimes, a project on food systems, territorial markets, and short supply chains, and ongoing work to share best-practices in the food/climate change space. Students can expect to conduct a fair amount of independent scholarly research in fields ranging from atmospheric science to soil biology to agronomy to economics, and to produce materials that will distill and render comprehensible that work for a general policy-making audience. There will be plenty of peer-support and project management skill development and reflection. There may be an opportunity to present this work and attend an IPES meeting in person, should the panel choose to convene in Washington DC in Spring 2023 as currently anticipated.

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