Fall 2018 - 60905 - PA 388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Philanthropy: Historical & Contemporary Approaches

Course description:

This course provides students with a foundational understanding of philanthropy, it’s historical and political development in the United States, the ethics and values expressed through philanthropy, and a comparison to international perspectives of philanthropy and nonprofit/nongovernment sector. Students interested in nonprofit management and international development explore the critical role of voluntary action in building society. The course is an opportunity to explore the intersection of how philanthropy is both studied and practiced, with an expectation of improving skills related to development and fundraising, as well as managing organizations or programs that rely on philanthropic support.


Requirements & Expectations:

Individual student performance will be measured by analysis of readings (15%), plagiarism test (5%) group projects (30%) and a final individual project (50%). The final project may be customized toward academic research or policy development according to student’s interests.



The course is supported by readings compiled from a wide range of books and academic articles that ground theories of philanthropy and nonprofit/nongovernment sector, as well as practice-oriented articles from Stanford Social Innovation Review, Nonprofit Quarterly, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, et al.