Fall 2018 - 60645 - PA 383C - Policy Development

Perspectives on Public Policy

Scope: In a little more than two decades we have witnessed the end of the Cold War and the shift from decades of bi-polar rivalry, to a brief “uni-polar moment” for the US. September 11, 2001, represented yet another, and more sudden, transformation of the atmosphere in which US policy is formulated and executed. This course examines the question of what role the United States should play in the world as we move forward. The course takes a multi-disciplinary approach to examine US policy development and prospects. We will probe the central question from the viewpoints of national security, intelligence, media and others, with due regard for countries and regions that represent current priorities in US relations.  The goal is a deeper appreciation of how the policy process really works with regard to U.S. interests and challenges.


Requirements: Students will be required to complete several short writings, a mid-term exam, and a final group presentation that analyzes selected policy issues and recommends solutions. Students are responsible for all readings (there is no text) and for meaningful participation in class discussions. Students should also keep abreast of current events using respected sources such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and reputable policy journals. This course is offered for grade only.


This class is cross-listed with MAN and LAW. LBJ is the home department.