Conference Course Registration Form

Students wishing to take a conference course must submit the Conference Course Registration Form to the Graduate Program Coordinator in SRH 3.104A for approval prior to registering for the course.

Effective Fall 2019, students pursuing conference courses will need to obtain their graduate adviser's signature in addition to the supervising faculty member's signature.

Steps to Completing the Form

  1. Select supervising instructor

  2. Agree on a plan of study with the instructor (if required by instructor, attach more extensive plan of study to signed form). The plan should include the following items:

    1. Topic

    2. Proposed timeline

    3. Proposed product(s)

  3. Indicate the course grade status (letter grade basis OR credit/no credit basis) with a check mark or an "X."

  4. Indicate the semester and year you will register for the course.

  5. Obtain the supervising instructor's signature on the form OR attach a printed copy of an instructor email wherein s/he agrees to supervise the course in lieu of an original signature (please do NOT email consent notices to the Graduate Program Coordinator. You must attach your printed email consent to the form upon submission.)

  6. PRINT instructor name below the instructor signature line.

  7. Make a copy of the completed form for your records.

  8. Submit form to the Graduate Program Coordinator.