Wellness Week

Event Status

During the week of March 27th, 2023, OSAA and CARE Team are bringing back Wellness Week! Wellness Week is about learning new and sharpen old tools that each student has to become a healthy and stronger person. During this week, there will be an event everyday centered on a specific pillar provided by the CARE Counselor Bryce Moffet. There are four different pillars that will have it's own spot light and we hope that each student participates as much as possible. 


Drop by the OSAA office to chat with staff in the lobby. We hope to see each student during this week!


Monday the 27th: Nutrition

  • Tea with LBJ in the LBJ Lobby at 8:30am
  • Brain Food at 12:15pm in LBJ Lobby 12:15pm


Tuesday the 28th: Mindfulness

  • Mind Break with James, Mindfulness Coordinator at 12:15pm in SRH 3.124


Wednesday the 29th: Connectedness

  • Connect with CARE, Bryce Moffet, at 8:30am in LBJ Lobby


Thursday the 30th: Movement

  • Yoga and Breakfast with Jane Viviano at 8:30am in SRH 3.124 
Date and Time
March 27 to 31, 2023, All Day
LBJ School of Public Affairs