Dual Degrees in Law and Global Policy Studies

The LBJ School and Texas Law offer a four-year dual degree program that responds to an increased need in both the public and private sectors for specialists with an advanced understanding of the global environment and facility in legal reasoning and credentials for the practice of law.

Program Structure

The program is structured so that students can earn both degrees simultaneously in approximately four academic years. Degrees are awarded when the required course work in both areas is completed. In general, students will progress through the dual degree curriculum by taking either degree's first-year sequence in their first year, taking the other degree's first-year sequence in their second year, and then taking electives and specialization requirements in subsequent years.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 107 semester hours of coursework, which includes:

Global Policy Studies 

  • 22 hours of required global policy core courses
  • 12 hours MGPS specialization
  • Summer internship in an office where activity is related to the dual degree program
  • Master's Professional Report


  • First-year curriculum
  • Courses in Professional Responsibility, Constitutional Law II, a writing seminar and a Professional Skills course
  • Remainder of 70 Law School credit hours should be electives, including 6 credits designated as experiential