Suri, Jeremi | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D. in History, Yale University, 2001
  • M.A. in History, Ohio University, 1996
  • A.B. in History, Stanford University, 1994
Research Areas
  • Strategy, Leadership, Decision-Making
  • International Relations, National Security, Globalization
  • Modern History, Public Activism, Organizational Change
Teaching Areas
  • International Affairs and Diplomacy
  • Finance, Management and Leadership (including non-profits)

Jeremi Suri holds the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a professor in the university's Department of History and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Dr. Suri is the author and editor of nine books on contemporary politics and foreign policy, most recently The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office. His other books include Henry Kissinger and the American Century, Liberty's Surest Guardian: American Nation-Building from the Founders to Obama and Foreign Policy Breakthroughs: Cases in Successful Diplomacy (with Robert Hutchings).

Dr. Suri writes for major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, The Boston Globe, Foreign Affairs, Fortune, The American Prospect, and Wired—as well as for various online sites and blogs. He is a popular public lecturer, and appears frequently on radio and television.

Dr. Suri teaches courses on strategy and decision-making, leadership, globalization, international relations and modern history. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, and he teaches and serves as academic director for the Executive Master in Public Leadership program (EMPL) at the LBJ School. His research and teaching have received numerous prizes. In 2007 Smithsonian magazine named him one of America's "Top Young Innovators" in the arts and sciences.

Media Expertise
  • Domestic Politics
  • International Security
  • Modern International Relations
  • Globalization and International Affairs
  • Protest and Dissident Movements


Media MentionNovember 12, 2020
The reality is, the nation is slowly becoming more Democratic

CNN Opinion asked 26 commentators to consider the question: What does the outcome of this election say about America in 2020?

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Media MentionNovember 4, 2020
Local professors talk Biden lead, Trump legal challenges in 2020 election

Professor Sherri Greenberg said she anticipated the election would come down to the battleground states and be a very close race overall. Greenberg also thought the mail-in votes would be significant when they were counted, which saw Biden’s lead in Wisconsin and Michigan swell in his favor on Wednesday morning.

“I think we will see conclusive results on Friday,” Greenberg said. “We also have to see how it goes as far as legal challenges.”

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Media MentionNovember 2, 2020
Get ready for a November foreign-policy surprise

Although the international system is filled with threats and uncertainties, there is a strange public quiet in the days before the U.S. elections. Hackers and propagandists from various countries are burying deep into foreign systems, military forces continue to clash in numerous conflict zones, and competition for resources and markets has intensified, particularly between China and the United States. Nonetheless, the focus of national security in early November is internal for the U.S. government: securing a peaceful and legitimate election.

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