Stephanie Holmsten

Stephanie Holmsten, Associate Professor of Instruction

Associate Professor of Instruction

Ph.D. in Government, The University of Texas at Austin
Research Areas:
Comparative Politics
Electoral Institutions
Race and Gender
Teaching Areas:
International Relations and Global Studies
International Organizations
Gender and Ethnicity

Dr. Stephanie Seidel Holmsten is Associate Professor of Instruction at the University of Texas at Austin with a joint appointment in the Government Department and International Relations and Global Studies (IRG) program. She is Associate Director of the IRG program and co-director of the Brumley Next Generation Scholars program. She teaches courses in global studies, international organizations, gender and ethnicity. 

She serves as director of the faculty learning community for Global Virtual Exchange, and has led study abroad programs in Santiago, Chile, and Paris, France. She also serves on the Provost Teaching Fellows steering committee and was chosen for the inaugural Aspiring Leaders Academy. She has won multiple awards for her teaching, most recently the Texas Blazers pillar award and the Orange Jacket tenet award. Results from her team-based learning classroom study were published in the Journal of Political Science Education in 2023. You can also hear her on The Other Side of Campus, showcasing the teaching and research interests of UT faculty.  

Her research focuses on the election of women, ethnic minorities, and minoritized women around with world. Recent articles include “Invisibility or Inclusion? Ethnic Parties, Ethnic Seats, and Gender Quotas and the Representation of Minoritized Women”, in the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy in 2023. Previous work includes “Do Ethnic Parties Exclude Women?” in Comparative Political Studies in 2010, and “The Election of Minority Women: Ethnic Parties, Ethnic Seats, and Gender Quotas” winner of the 2020 Lean Weaver Award for best Representation and Electoral Systems paper by the American Political Science Association.  

Contact Information
Campus location:
MEZ 3.214