Spring 2022 - 59404 - PA 388L - Advanced Topics in Management


Course Description

Regardless of where you are in the world, provision of even the most basic programs and services to the public requires a supporting management structure at the local level. The range of programs and services provided by local governments is vast as are the challenges. As the size of the city or county grows larger, those programs, services, and challenges also grow larger.

As a municipal manager, your responsibilities are equally vast and require great skills and awareness. You must understand your role as a manager and implementor of policy set by elected officials, the unique attributes and needs of your community, your organization and team, the media, financial constraints, legal requirements, ethics, and more.

I have spent my entire career in local government and accordingly, this course will draw upon practical application of public management concepts with that perspective. Expect a generally relaxed class setting that depends on participation from prepared students. Guest speakers will regularly join the class to provide their experiences and insights.

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