Spring 2020 - 58470 - PA 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2020 - 58470 - PA 388K - Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Thinking, Writing and Briefing for Intelligence

Seminar participants develop professional skills and deepen their understanding of regional and global events by serving on an intelligence team providing analytic support to policy makers.  Course objectives include:

  • Sharpen critical thinking and analytic skills,
  • polish professional writing skills,
  • practice professional briefings,
  • develop skills as a peer reviewer/editor,
  • practice teamwork in a context of mutual dependence,
  • employ research skills to rapidly acquire deeper understanding of an issue in international affairs.

Within this semester-long simulation, students will choose an “account” (the student’s choice, with the Professor’s assistance and approval).  They will deepen their understanding of this international issue to produce and deliver updates characterizing developments and addressing the implications for the United States.  Intelligence will be presented via either written assessments or briefings.   Students produce three papers on their chosen “account” and rotate as team editor, primary briefer and “deep dive” briefer.

Completion of “Intelligence for National Security Decision-making” is a plus, but not a prerequisite.  Auditors are not permitted in the seminar unless they agree to participate fully in the simulation.  Grading is based on the following requirements: three two-page written products (45%), performance as primary briefer (15%), performance on an individual “deep dive” briefing (20%) and teamwork—defined as regular attendance, meeting deadlines for teammates, and positive participation in all aspects of their team (20%).  Course readings will be provided on Canvas.

F 9:00AM to 12:00PM
SRH 3.314/3.355