Spring 2020 - 58205 - PA 680PB - Policy Research Project

Smart Cities: Serving the Outskirts - County Level Transportation and Health
COURSE DESCRIPTION This Policy Research Project will focus on how a Smart City serves people living in the outskirts: suburban, exurban and rural areas. The focus will be Austin, but we will compare Austin with other select cities to discern lessons for Austin. The clients are Travis County with Travis County Commission Jeff Travillion, and the City of Austin Corridor Program Office with Mike Trimble. Our PRP will begin my examining academic and other materials on Smart Cities, service provision, infrastructure, governance models, and technology. Additionally, we will analyze case studies in these areas across the country. We will examine how to provide services, infrastructure and governance to areas that are increasing in population, from people moving with gentrification and involuntary displacement. Our research will begin with two fundamental questions: (1) how do you provide services and infrastructure in suburban, exurban and rural areas with changing and growing populations (2) what governance structures work in these areas. We will analyze access to transportation, housing, healthcare, technology, and other services and infrastructure. DELIVERABLES Work Plan With our clients' input, we will develop a written work plan early in the semester to guide our project scope, methods, timeline, and deliverables. Written Report & Presentation At the end of the spring term, we will have a written report to be published in the LBJ School PRP Series and a presentation for the clients. Conference We will have the opportunity to participate in a conference in Austin. Deliverables also could include: Academic Literature Review Case Studies Best Practices Recommendations Other (TBD)