Spring 2019 - 59930 - PA 682GB - Policy Research Project on Global Policy Issues

Ending Global Hunger

This PRP is designed to support the advocacy work of the Eleanor Crook Foundation, specifically its objective in supporting the Alliance to End Hunger. This PRP is suited for students with interests in international development, global hunger, food security and INGO/ non-profit policy advocacy.

PRP Objectives:

Develop a scorecard that assesses, rates and ranks Congress persons’ performance on legislation and appropriations relevant to global hunger, food insecurity, and nutrition
Develop district-level profiles in targeted Congressional districts of food insecurity, and other measures (TBD)
Create a data dashboard, including geo-mapped data, to be used by the Alliance to End Hunger in their advocacy work
Conduct interviews and consultations in Washington, D.C. with subject matter experts and members of the Alliance to End Hunger to design and carry out the scorecard activities
Presentation of final deliverables to members of the Alliance to End Hunger in Washington, DC
Additional deliverables may be added in consultation with the client

This PRP will include fieldwork in Washington, DC to interview subject matter experts and to interact with members ofthe Alliance to End Hunger. The budget is yet to be finalized, but potential PRP students should note that it is possible that not all students will travel for primary fieldwork (students will be selected for travel opportunities based upon skills and performance in the PRP).

Readings and a grading system will be determined after the exact scope of work and deliverables are articulated by the client. Students should expect to do a fair amount of primary research, data analysis, writing, qualitative fieldwork, and oral presentations. Participation will also count for 10-15% of the overall course grade.

LBJ students will be selected for this PRP based upon their ranked preferences, the needs of the PRP, and space availability. Prior experience in any of these fields is a plus. Please indicate your prior development work experience, qualitative fieldwork experience, data skills and other relevant skills (e.g. statistics, GIS, grant writing) on your PRP preference form.