Spring 2019 -59884 -PA 380L- Topics in Public Policy and Law | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2019 -59884 -PA 380L- Topics in Public Policy and Law

SMNR: Business Law Workshop

This workshop seminar will focus on cutting-edge research in business law and economics. Most weeks will feature a leading outside scholar presenting a work-in-progress relating to current issues in business law. 

The range of subject matter includes economically-oriented work on business law, securities regulation, tax, or commercial law.  Many of the papers presented will likely deal with normative questions of private ordering versus public regulation, and will examine problems that arise in both the private and public law spheres.  Similarly, it is expected that many of the papers will consider social welfare effects, such as the effect of law and regulation on entrepreneurship, innovation, capital formation, and financial markets.   

Students will be responsible for written assessments of the paper being presented, and will be evaluated based on their writings and their participation in the workshop. Students' critiques may be made available to the speaker.


M 3:45PM to 5:45PM
JON 5.207