Spring 2018 - 60878 - PA 388L – Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Philanthropy and Organizations: Theory, Strategy and Practice in the 21st Century


Course Description

Explores the theoretical roots, strategic frameworks and practical disciplines that have given the idea of philanthropic culture its currency and influence. Examine the connection between the ideal of philanthropic culture and the behaviors that appear to enhance its establishment and impact, paying particular attention will be paid to the linkage between development and fundraising practice and general organizational culture and behavior.


Requirements and Expectations

Individual student performance will be measured by assessing general class presence and constructive participation  ( 30% ) ; completion and documentation of an intensive interview of a leading local development professional focused on their experience  in the area of philanthropic culture  ( 25% ) ; in class presentation ( individual or team ) summarizing and critiquing a principal class reading  (  20% ) ; and  submission of  a five-ten  page opinion piece commenting on the nature of  philanthropic culture’s contribution to  non profit organizational success  ( 25% ).



The course will be supported by readings compiled from  a wide range of books, journals, private papers and studies, with materials related to each class session. The readings will be made available via the UT CANVAS system and occasional in class and online distribution. There will be no principal text book as the field has yet to produce such a volume with sufficient focus on the subject.


A special feature of the class will be the presence on most class evenings of a significant leader in the local and regional non-profit sector drawn from executive, board, and analyst ranks. These guests will provide authentic real world connection with the major themes of the course.