Spring 2018 - 60590 - PA 680PB - Policy Research Project

Housing + Economic & Social Mobility
  This Policy Research Project will focus on the links between housing, economic mobility, and social mobility. The focus will be Austin, but we will compare Austin with other select cities to discern lessons for Austin. The clients are HousingWorks, an Austin nonprofit affordable housing research entity, and the Housing Authority of the City of Austin. Our research will begin with two fundamental questions: (1) how does housing connect residents to economic opportunity; and (2) how does housing connect residents to the riches of Austin. We will develop a typology of the various affordable housing options available in Austin from subsidized housing to naturally occurring private market housing. We will analyze the connection between housing and mobility, and the access to predictors of economic and social mobility such as education, healthcare, open space and social opportunities. Additionally, we will collect and analyze demographic data and outcomes, and analyze the role of public/private partnerships. Research methods may include surveys and case studies. Deliverables could include: Survey Results Case Studies Datasets Typologies At the end of the spring term, we will have a written report for the clients. Also, we will have the opportunity to participate in a spring conference in Austin.