Spring 2017 - 61496 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2017 - 61496 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Leadership Coaching: Accelerating Learning from your Experience

Where in your life are you acting as a leader?  This is an opportunity to develop yourself as a leader, while you are leading.  Each week you will receive leadership coaching based on the situations and issues you bring to class to discuss.

Student Requirements: This course is designed for students who are in some sort of concurrent leadership role or involved in work/internship experiences. This could include leadership roles in student organization.

Course Description:

This course will be structured as on-going group leadership coaching sessions. Through effective leadership coaching, students will  have the opportunity to accelerate their ability to learn from their external experiences via the following modalities:

  1. Intentional reflection & practice
  2. Coaching on current struggles
  3. Peer engagement & feedback
  4. Link to leadership theory and best practices

Each week students will bring in their relevant leadership related challenges and we will workshop the various scenarios.  During this course, the cohort will develop as an authentic learning community, students will be challenged to increase their self-awareness, paying particular attention to their conscious and unconscious patterns.  

It’s our belief that developing as a leader will enable you to have a greater impact as you pursue your policy careers. In today's environment, we are learning that successful public affairs professionals, will have a combination of content expertise, as well as, interpersonal/leadership skills. This course will enable you to build your leadership skills so you can leverage all of your policy expertise to make a difference in the world.

Course Goals:

  • Increase your set of behavior choices available in any leadership moment
  • Gain lifelong skills in learning how to learn from your experience, developing the skill of being coachable.
  • Formally creating connections between  leadership roles and work/internship experiences and LBJ course work.

Format: 3 credit course in Spring 2017.  Thursdays. 9am - 12noon

NOTE on Leadership development protocol being used for this course
The Leadership Lab  pilot is based on the leadership development protocol being used successfully at Stanford, Yale and Rice. The main premise of the model is that people develop as leaders by learning about themselves while leading. The model emphasis intentional reflection and  self-awareness, using knowledge as a supportive input for self-discovery and growth.

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