Spring 2016 - 60405 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2016 - 60405 - PA388L - Advanced Topics in Management

Leadership in Human Service Systems

Driven to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities, human service organizations rely on competent and skilled workers—at all levels—to exercise leadership skills. At the same time, these organizations are faced with a host of challenges spawned by rapidly changing economic, political, social, and technological environments. This course is an in-depth study of:

(1) leadership and communication strategies to foster change, innovation, and learning in multiple settings;

(2) theories and models of effective leadership and organizational management; and 

(3) tools that enhance one’s own leadership development and effectiveness. 

Specifically, the course focuses on theories and strategies for effective leadership to inspire, influence, and create change; align individuals, groups, and communities to action; and bridge differences and foster inclusivity. This educational experience also provides students with the opportunity to become aware of personal values; develop, demonstrate, and promote their own values; and analyze ethical dilemmas and the ways in which those affect practice, services, and clients in a variety of settings. By the end of the course, students will develop their own personal philosophy of leadership and apply it to a small-wins challenge.

This class is cross-listed with SW 393T. SW is the home department.

SSW 2.112