Spring 2014 - 63415 - PA188G - Topics in Global Policy Studies | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Spring 2014 - 63415 - PA188G - Topics in Global Policy Studies

China & Human Rights Policy & Advocacy (4/4 - 5/2/14)

This five-week course provides an introduction to international efforts, especially U.S. government policies, to address the human rights situation in China and the Chinese government’s evolving positions. The course is organized around key policy and academic debates, and is designed to develop both analysis and policy advocacy skills. Accordingly, the reading list includes both academic works and policy materials.
Given the brevity of this course, we will not focus in depth on human rights conditions in China or on the broader sweep of China’s global rise. Rather, the course will provide students with an understanding of international human rights advocacy, China’s foreign and domestic human rights policies, and the overall nature of change in international human rights practices. The primary focus will be on understanding and assessing policies, programs, and other efforts by international actors, including foreign governments, the UN, and non-governmental organizations to encourage improvement in China’s human rights practices. We will also address the Chinese government’s response to the international community, the kinds of approaches that appear to have the greatest impact, and the effectiveness of existing efforts. Students will be encouraged to develop recommendations to improve the current strategies of various actors.

Class meets 4/4/14 through 5/2/14.

SRH 3.221/212