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Food insecurity (FI) causes worse health and education outcomes for children. Screening for FI is feasible and acceptable during well-child visits. Standard protocols, upon positive screen, refer families to community resources, such as food pantries, but followthrough rates are low. Good Apple (GA) was developed to deliver fresh produce and pantry staples to the homes of families facing FI, as identified by pediatricians. Good Apple uses a two-sided, self-sustaining business model: a subscription-based produce delivery service generates revenue from paying customers, which funds free grocery delivery services for families facing FI. The program works with (1) local farmers to rescue and redistribute unsold fruits and vegetables; (2) local food pantries to supplement deliveries with proteins, grains, and dairy; and (3) pediatricians who prescribe GA to families facing FI. Good Apple helps food pantries reach more clients; empowers pediatricians with closed-loop referrals; and delivers healthy food to families facing FI and transportation barriers.