LBJ School welcomes Latino policy researcher Sergio Garcia-Rios to its faculty

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July 6, 2022

The LBJ School of Public Affairs is thrilled to welcome Dr. Sergio Garcia-Rios, a new distinguished faculty member with research interests in Latino political participation and policy attitudes. In his new role as a researcher and instructor, Garcia-Rios will build on his notable body of work in immigration policy and voting rights research to investigate voter turnout, political participation and public opinion, especially among Latino immigrants, leveraging the LBJ School’s unique position in a border state to Mexico. Garcia-Rios will also serve as Associate Director for Research within the Center for the Study Race and Democracy (CSRD) at The University of Texas at Austin.  

"The LBJ School at UT Austin is uniquely positioned to lead policy relevant research on Latino political participation." Dean JR DeShazo

Garcia-Rios comes to The University of Texas at Austin from Cornell University. His academic interests also include issues related to Latinos and the Voting Rights Act, border issues and border research, and the politics of Mexico. Previously, he served as Director of Polling and Data at Univision News.

 In his most recent study, “The Participatory Implications of Racialized Policy Feedback”, published in Perspectives on Politics with Nazita Lajevardi, Kassra A. R. Oskooii, and Hannah L. Walker, Garcia-Rios and his co-authors argue that individuals with a politicized group identity will display higher odds of political engagement when exposed to authoritarian institutions.

His current book project, "Identity Portfolios: A Study of Persistent and Situational Identities Among Latino Immigrants", uses a mixed-method approach to investigate the formation and transformation of Latino identities as well as the impact of those identities on their political behavior.  Moreover, this book project analyzes the effects of immigration policy on the development and transformation of those identities.

Garcia-Rios's appointment began July 1, 2022. He will teach Immigration Policy this fall while stepping into Associate Director for Research within CSRD. 

"The LBJ School at UT Austin is uniquely positioned to lead policy relevant research on Latino political participation,” said JR DeShazo, dean of the LBJ School. “Our international border with Mexico, along with UT being a founding member of the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Research Universities, offer a rich environment for engagement and analysis and greater capacity to build the next generation of Latino policy leaders. I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Garcia-Rios as a leader in this work.”  

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