Dual Degrees in Journalism and Global Policy Studies

Offered in conjunction with UT's Moody College of Communication, the dual program in journalism and global policy studies combines advanced studies of globalization with rigorous coursework to develop professional skills as a communicator, responding to an increased need in both the public and private sectors for a combination of analytical and communications skills with detailed, substantive knowledge of the global environment. Graduates should possess substantial career flexibility and attractiveness to prospective employers in government, private industry and the nonprofit sector.

Program Structure

The dual degree program is structured so that students can earn both master's degrees in approximately three academic years.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 70 semester hours of coursework, which includes a master’s professional report. The curriculum includes:

Global Policy Studies

  • 22 hours of required global policy core courses
  • 15 hours MGPS specialization
  • Summer internship in an office where activity is related to the dual degree program
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a language other than English


  • 15 hours of required core coursework
  • One additional graduate level skills course
  • One additional graduate conceptual course
  • 3 hours professional report
  • 9 hours Professional Master’s Specialty, with 6 hours taken outside of Journalism