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Peniel Joseph holds a joint professorship appointment at the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the History Department in the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. He is also the founding director of the LBJ School's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD). His career focus has been on "Black Power Studies," which encompasses interdisciplinary fields such as Africana studies, law and society, women's and ethnic studies, and political science.

Prior to joining the UT faculty, Dr. Joseph was a professor at Tufts University, where he founded the school's Center for the Study of Race and Democracy to promote engaged research and scholarship focused on the ways issues of race and democracy affect people's lives.

In addition to being a frequent commentator on issues of race, democracy and civil rights, Dr. Joseph's most recent book is The Sword and the Shield: The Revolutionary Lives of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. He also wrote the award-winning books Waiting 'Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America and Dark Days, Bright Nights: From Black Power to Barack Obama. His book Stokely: A Life has been called the definitive biography of Stokely Carmichael, the man who popularized the phrase "black power." Included among Joseph's other book credits is the editing of The Black Power Movement: Rethinking the Civil Rights-Black Power Era and Neighborhood Rebels: Black Power at the Local Level.


Media MentionApril 16, 2021
Derek Chauvin's trial is not justice for Black Americans

As arguments in the Derek Chauvin murder trial concluded, the picture prosecutors painted over 11 days was a damning one that the defense spent a mere two days trying to rebut. The story of George Floyd's death may be moving toward the ending that many of us have hoped for: a guilty verdict. Why, then, doesn't it feel like justice?

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NewsApril 2, 2021
April 2: Faculty Research, Policy Engagement and News

10 features from the week 

  • Patrick Bixler spoke to the Associated Press about philanthropic gifts and scientific discovery after former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy, gave $150 million to the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for research in biology and AI. 

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Media MentionMarch 31, 2021
Witnesses make a devastating case against Derek Chauvin and a history of injustice

The trial of Derek Chauvin on second-degree murder charges in the killing of George Floyd has cast a bright spotlight, one that forces Americans to re-confront the police violence that helped trigger a transformative social movement. It also demands we pay attention to the deeper connections between this act of violence -- that so many of us are now reliving as we watch testimony unfold live -- and America's long and troubling history of racial injustice.

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