Fall 2023 - 61193 - PA 188L - Decision-Making: Pitfalls & Best Practices

Decision-Making: Pitfalls & Best Practices

Course Description: This one-credit, five-day graduate seminar examines decision-making

from both a theoretical perspective and from its execution in practice. The course

introduces students to various models of decision-making; explores cognitive biases in decisionmaking;

and examines how decision-makers often use — and misuse — historical analogies and

lessons from history. The course also focuses on the concept of risk and decision-making under

conditions of risk and uncertainty, as well as the effects of groups and bureaucratic politics on

decisions. Drawn, in part, from the professor’s nearly six years on the National Security Council

(NSC) staff at the White House, the seminar will incorporate select examples from U.S. national

security. That said, the theories, pitfalls, and best practices studied

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