Fall 2023 - 60920 - PA 325 - Topics in Policy

This course is designed to introduce students to the ideas and practice of conducting academic research for what might be termed “applied” academic purposes. The Next Generational Scholars Program is designed to provide professional development and research mentoring to promising young scholars who hope to work in public policy in their careers. The program begins with semester-long training in the basics of policy research, writing and presentation, with a focus on analysis and data skills, as well as “soft” skills such as interviewing and networking. Over the course of the semester, students will embark in stages on a policy proposal on a topic of your choice. The stages of the proposal include draft and final policy proposal, and oral defense/panel interview. Over the course of the semester, we will draft and redraft the policy proposal as a means of learning multiple skills relevant to future work in policy. In addition to the research and analytical training, this course will emphasis professional development. This will include “how to” sessions with distinguished faculty from the Strauss and RGK Centers on professional networking, engaging in policy through various forms of social media, and community engagement in the field. Next Generation Scholars are also expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Strauss Center by attending the Center’s events and interacting with faculty and graduate fellows in both programs. To this end, Next Generation Scholars will be expected to attend and write reaction memos (one page each, single space) on at least two events sponsored by the Strauss and/or RGK Centers this fall semester.
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