Fall 2020 - 59998 - BDP 101 - Bridging Disciplines (Undergraduate Studies)

Introduction to Public Policy

This eight-week forum seminar, part of the Bridging Disciplines Program, will introduce students to the institutions, interests and idea that shape public policy at multiple levels, from international governance to state government, and in diverse areas, ranging from environmental policy and immigration reform to entitlement policy and the conduct of foreign affairs. 

The class will benefit from the chance to converse with guest lecturers who are eminent authorities in their fields of study or practice.  In addition, the class will have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour of the State Capitol of Texas.

There will be two assignments that help students to improve their writing and oral presentation skills:  a written summary and discussion of the readings in one of the eight weeks, and a brief paper on a public policy topic which students choose for themselves and present to the class at the end of the course.

One book is required:  Elaine C. Kamarck, How Changes Happens—Or Doesn’t:  The Politics of US Public Policy ((Boulder:  Lynne Reinner Publishers, 2013).  All other readings will be on Canvas.