Fall 2020 - 58905 - PA 383C – Policy Development

Latino Policy Development
Course Description: This course will provide you with a multi-faceted understanding of policy development.  You will learn about the process, actors, and contexts that shape how public policies are developed.  The course is designed to improve your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills so that you will successfully engage in the development and implementation of policies.  Moreover, you will ground these skills in the reality of policymaking being an inherently political process.  The lens for this course will be that of Latino relevant policy.  Latinos are now the largest minority group in the United States and in Texas are projected to make up a majority by 2040. Given the size and growth rates of Latinos across the country, an understanding of American politics and policy is incomplete without an appreciation of policies that are related to this demographic.  This seminar will provide you with a nuanced knowledge of the factors that shape Latino relevant policies within an increasingly diverse demographic and cultural landscape. The evaluation for this course will consist of several components—a final policy proposal project, an experiential component, policy memos, a group project, and engaged class participation.   
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