Fall 2018 - 60915 - PA 188S – Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Professional Preparation and Development
This one-credit course, offered on a credit/no credit grading basis, is designed to prepare students to enter and advance in professional careers within the Washington, DC policy community. It aims to do this by helping students develop the relevant skills to navigate the job market and to expose them to individuals who have worked in various arenas in Washington. Course objectives include: Gaining an understanding the DC political ecosystem Developing a career plan Building a foundation for developing professional networks “Learning to lead” – developing the habits of ethical leadership Weekly readings will cover a wide variety of topics and issues; their common denominator is that they offer insights into policy making in Washington among different political actors and institutions. The one specific requirement is completion of a ten-year career plan of around 2,000 words, as described on page 6 of this syllabus.  No one expects you to have a whole career mapped out at this early stage; indeed, a good career plan builds in the flexibility needed to be able to seize unexpected opportunities without losing sight of your longer-term goals. But you need to begin the planning process lest you lose ownership of your own career.  This course is reserved for DC students only.