Fall 2018 - 60880 - PA 388L – Advanced Topics in Management | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2018 - 60880 - PA 388L – Advanced Topics in Management

Leadership Lab 1

A “learning lab” course where students can practice, take risks and learn about who they

are as a leader and how they behave in relationships with others.

The premise of this class is that leadership is based on a number of interconnected skills, and that these skills can be developed with intentional, authentic practice and feedback. This class offers you the opportunity to develop your ability to lead in multiple contexts:

●  Leverage: How to lead when you are n ot in the room.

●  Catalyze: How to lead when you are not in charge.

●  Improvise: How to lead when you a re in the room, and things are not going in the

way you “want” or think is best.

Course summary:

Students will have a unique unprecedented opportunity to courageously explore: 1)How they impact others and how others impact them and 2) How they invite and influence others to action? 3) What helps/hinders them personally in building open, effective rewarding relationships.

This course focuses on “who” a student is as a leader, taking an inside out, experiential approach to leadership development, and using real-time feedback to understand the impact we have on others.

During this course, the cohort will develop as an authentic learning community, students will be challenged to increase their self-awareness, paying particular attention to their assumptions, biases and patterns. The authentic, in-the-moment group collaboration, learning and feedback will enable students to increase their capacity for empathy and their ability to hold different perspectives.

This course is capped at 12 students in order to maximize individual and group learning and maintain the integrity of the here-and-now teaching modality. In order to engage multiple perspectives, this course is cross-listed with several graduate programs at UT.

Format: 3 credit course. The Leadership Lab Course will be designed and lead by Charlee Garden. Please contact Professor Garden charlee.garden@utexas.edu with any questions about how the course may fit your learning goals.

Course Goals:

●  Learn about who you are as a leader in relationship with others. How do you impact others? How do others impact you? What are your conscious and unconscious patterns as you relate to people?

●  Practice being “the leader you want to be” through authentic, leadership experiences

●  Learn “how to learn” from ALL your leadership and interpersonal experiences.

SRH 3.314/3.355