Fall 2018 - 60865 - PA 388K – Advanced Topics in Public Policy | LBJ School of Public Affairs | The University of Texas at Austin

Fall 2018 - 60865 - PA 388K – Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Psychology for Policy Analysis

Psychology for Policy Analysis seeks to equip students with psychological insights that are applicable to the design, implementation, and evaluation of successful public policy.  The course will draw on social and cognitive psychology along with research in behavioral economics and public opinion from the field of political science.  The course will be organized into four modules that will encompass the following themes:

  • Cognition and Affect
  • Models of Decision Making
  • Models of Attitude Change
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Role of Context in Social Judgement
  • Negotiation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Effective Communication Techniques


Student progress will be evaluated on the basis of performance along three criteria:  1.)  Four end-of-Module Essays;  2.)  A Comprehensive Take Home Final and 3.) Active Class Participation   Readings for the course will consist of Journal articles, selected book chapters, and other relevant studies and reports all of which will be available via Canvas. 

SRH 3.316/3.350