Fall 2018 - 60855 - PA 388K – Advanced Topics in Public Policy

Writing for Policy

Restricted to students in the MPAff-DC concentration.

Course Description


Of all the skills involved in the art of politics, the power of persuasion is the most important.  The purpose of this course is to develop the written and oral communications skills required by successful policy professionals.  Students will learn how to write effectively in a variety of genres, including press releases, opeds, policy memos and policy briefs.  The course will also help students develop practical skills in public speaking.  By the end of the course students will have personal portfolios of written work which they can submit in internship and job applications.  Assigned reading will be light and entirely on Canvas.  Attendance and completion of work by deadlines and willingness to take part in teamwork are essential to success in this course.



Course requirements


Course grades will be determined as follows:  One scheduled office visit with Professor Lind (5%), Class participation and peer review (5%), Press Release (10 %), Oped (10%), Team Policy Memo (20%), Public Testimony (15%), Policy Brief (15%), Midterm (15%), Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio (5%)


Grades will be assigned on the following basis:  A (93+), A- (93-90), B+ (90-87), B (87-83), B- (83-80), C+ (80-77), C (77-73), C- (73-70).